A traditional sign is nicer, but is it more expensive?

Modern signmaking methods are ideal to make a cheaper sign, more quickly but that does not mean a well made traditional sign is prohibitively expensive (or I would not be as busy as I am). My customers find that the overall quality, fit and finish of a hand crafted and hand signwritten traditional sign more than outweighs the small extra outlay and find their sign has a longer quality life.

Can I stay and watch you paint my sign?

Hand signwriting can be a quiet and solitary business and demands concentration. I do not mind an audience. Infact, working in the street for example invites constant comments but all my attention must really be upon the job so although you are welcome to see the work in progress, with respect, I would rather you did not stay all day!

Can you paint my job in situ or put my sign up for me?

Yes, I very often carry out work on-site, on shop fronts or gates, or anywhere else you need a sign, as well as making my signboards at the workshop and fitting them at site. I hold extensive public liabilty cover and CSCS site safety qualifications.

I am not local to you, Can you send my sign to me?

Yes, a sign can be made and sent nationwide to you by mail, courier, or personal delivery.

Do you guarantee your work?

It is hard to say if a sign will last 5 years or 100 years as every job is different and will be subject to different use, weather, cleaning or neglect, but with careful thought and consideration to materials, the conditions the sign will need to endure, its use and your budget parameters, it should be possible to ensure a job that is more than fit for purpose, and lasts way beyond expectation.